Sexluesterne Verfuehrerinnen (1977)


Released: 1977
Director: Claude Pierson as Paul Martin

Alternate Titles
Die Löt und Nagelprofis West Germany, VHS Auriga 0104
Sexlüsterne Verführerinnen Silwa Video
Suce-moi salope

Barbara Moose
Claude Janna uncredited
Jenny Feeling
Liliane Lemieuvre as Alice Allan, plays a maid
Marie-Dominique Cabannes uncredited
Marion Schultz uncredited, plays a needy housewife
XNK2526 plays a maid

Males include –

Guy Royer, strangely uncredited as he plays one of the two odd-job men
Raymond Xymay as Raymond Ximay, plays the other odd-job man
Richard Lemieuvre as Richard Allan
Cyril Val




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