Lisa Meets Mr. Big (1975)

Also Known As
Half of Bucky Beaver’s Dragon Art Theatre Triple XXX-Rated Double Feature Volume 59


* Marlene Willoughby
* Sharon Mitchell
* Susaye London [Facial]


* Alan Marlow
* Ashley Moore
* Gilbert Palmitier
* Leo Lovemore
* Russ Carlson [NonSex]

Scene breakdowns
* Scene 1. Sharon Mitchell, Gilbert Palmitier
* Scene 2. brun, Alan Marlow
* Scene 3. Susaye London, Ashley Moore
* Scene 4. Marlene Willoughby, Gilbert Palmitier, Leo Lovemore
* Scene 5. Sharon Mitchell, Alan Marlow
* Scene 6. brun, Gilbert Palmitier, Leo Lovemore
* Scene 7. Marlene Willoughby, Susaye London, Ashley Moore

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