Lorelei (1985)

Kay Parker Is Lorelei


* Dannica Wood [NonSex] … Sharon
* Debra Lynn … Tina
* Kay Parker … Lorelei
* Rikki Blake … Margo
* Scarlet Scarleau (as Scarlet) [NonSex] … Marguerite
* Lois Ayres (as Sondra Stillman) … Kirsten
* Lisa Berenger (as Terri Morgan) [NonSex] … Lucinda
* Yolanda Green … Charnelle

* Billy Dee … Dirk
* Dan T. Mann (as D.T. Mann) … Greg
* Robert Kerman (as R. Bolla) … Lane Le Fleur

Director: Jack Remy

Scene Breakdowns:

* Scene 1. Dan T. Mann, Kay Parker
* Scene 2. Rikki Blake
* Scene 3. Billy Dee, Rikki Blake
* Scene 4. Dan T. Mann, Lois Ayres
* Scene 5. Debra Lynn, Rikki Blake
* Scene 6. Billy Dee, Debra Lynn, Dan T. Mann, Rikki Blake
* Scene 7. Billy Dee, Kay Parker, R. Bolla

Lorelei: Lorelei (Kay Parker) is a beautiful and talented designer of sophisticated ladies lingerie, and the owner of Lorelei fashions. Her young assistant, Margo (Rikki Blake), just cant wait long enough to climb the ladder of success no matter what it takes. But Margo has a slight problem. She just cant keep her hands out of pantshers or anyone elses. Greg (Dan T. Mann) is also striving for fame and fortune, but in a different way. His chose route leads directly through Loreleis bedroom.Kristen (Lois Ayres) and Tina (Debra Lynn) are just two of the beautiful models who are rehearsing for the fashion show of the year. Along with them are Lucinda (Terri Morgan), Chanel (Yolanda Green) and Marguerite (Scarlet) all appearing in their first X-rated feature.Meanwhile Lance LeFleur (R Bolla), frustrated in his attempts to compete with Lorelei, enlists the aid of his friend Dirk (Billy Dee), to steal Loreleis designs.You wont believe how hot it can get behind the closed doors of Lorelei Fashions!




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