Marilyn Chambers’ Private Fantasies 2 (1984)



Marilyn Chambers [Anal Facial DP IR]
Tantala Ray (as Tantala) [LezOnly]
Unknown Female 3537


Blake Palmer
Bobby Dee
Craig Roberts (as Craig A. Roberts)
Jack Baker
Marc Wallice (as Mark Wallace)
Steve Powers
Steve Redding
Tom Byron
Unknown Male 3537

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Marilyn Chambers, Tom Byron
Scene 2. Marilyn Chambers, Jack Baker
Scene 3. Unknown Female 3537, Unknown Male 3537
Scene 4. Marilyn Chambers, Craig Roberts, Marc Wallice
Scene 5. Marilyn Chambers, Bobby Dee, Steve Powers, Steve Redding
Scene 6. Marilyn Chambers, Tantala Ray, Blake Palmer



One thought on “Marilyn Chambers’ Private Fantasies 2 (1984)”

  1. In Scene 2, “Scarlet Chambers”, Jack Baker’s long penis was hanging down between his legs when he banged Scarlet from behind. He did not penetrate her, not standing up and not when lying down. That was another actor, as a very short glimp of his dark profile with snub nose showed. Also the veil hiding the face of the other man, and the size, shape and color of penis-head was different. Who was he?

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