No Man’s Land 14 (1996)


Annah Marie [LezOnly]
Ariel Daye [LezOnly]
Ashley Renee [LezOnly]
Bonnie Michaels [LezOnly]
Caressa Savage [LezOnly]
Monique DeMoan [LezOnly]
Norma Jeane [LezOnly]
Roxanne Hall [LezOnly]
Shanna McCullough [LezOnly]

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Annah Marie, Norma Jeane
Scene 2. Ariel Daye, Ashley Renee
Scene 3. Bonnie Michaels, Caressa Savage, Roxanne Hall
Scene 4. Monique DeMoan, Shanna McCullough
Scene 5. Annah Marie, Bonnie Michaels

The girls are back for another lesbian love-fest! Ahh! Such lovely ladies lapping!



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