Office Girls (1989)

Language: English
Director: Fred J. Lincoln

Starring: Aja, Ashley Winger, Heather Torrance, Rachel Ryan, Tami White, Eric Price, J. Crowne, Peter North, Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Tami White, Eric Price
Scene 2. Heather Torrance, Peter North
Scene 3. Ashley Winger, Eric Price
Scene 4. Rachel Ryan, Tami White
Scene 5. Aja, Tom Byron
Scene 6. Rachel Ryan, Tom Byron

Description: Horny hell breaks loose when retired porn star Holly Woods (Aja) gets a secretarial job! Nasty Pam (Rachel Ryan) and Anita (Ariel Knight) give Holly lots of trouble (when they’re not lezzing out!). While the male staff wants to get into Holly pants! When she says “No,”, the Office Girls say “Yes!!” Even Holly’s willpower fades when she falls for a loading dock stud! The erotic antics of these hard-working professionals are truly amazing. Why can’t every office be this way?



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