One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Breast (1990)

Carol Cummings
Lynn LeMay [IR]
Mandi Wine
Tamara Lee

Buck Adams
Ray Victory
Sasha Gabor
Steve Cagliano

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Tamara Lee, Buck Adams
Scene 2. Lynn LeMay, Tamara Lee
Scene 3. Lynn LeMay, Ray Victory
Scene 4. Carol Cummings, Buck Adams
Scene 5. Mandi Wine, Sasha Gabor

“After being released from a mental institution, stunning sex kitten Tamara Lee reveals the secrets of her erotic past through the pages of her decadent diary. The audience sees her past passions in delirious detail as she flashes back to the events that made her the sex-hungry vixen she is today. Her erotic encounters take her from innocent school girl to super-charged sexual dynamo and we see every twist, turn, and tryst in between. Tamara is in fine form here, whether bouncing her partners off the walls or getting taught a lusty lesson in lesbian thrills. Mandi Wine and Carol Cummings are also on hand to help her on her merry way. Tamara may be Cuckoo, but her sex-crazy ways are sure to please!”



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