Pleasure Principle (1988)

Carmen Hart is our guide on a journey through the ages of sexual repression, shame and guilt. Come along as she helps dispel the age old belief that sex is bad. In fact, Carmen will show us that sex is good, very, very good. From school room romps, to strangers on a train, to the down and dirty deeds at the local strip club, explore the Pleasure Principle.

Ron Jeremy

Cara Lott
Dana Lynn
Gail Force
Kathleen Gentry
Nikki Knight
Rachel Ashley
Tracey Adams

Billy Dee
Dan T. Mann
David Sanders
Frank James
Ray Victory
Ron Jeremy
Sasha Gabor

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Rachel Ashley, Sasha Gabor
Scene 2. Tracey Adams, Ron Jeremy
Scene 3. Cara Lott, Frank James
Scene 4. Kathleen Gentry, David Sanders
Scene 5. Dana Lynn, Billy Dee, Ray Victory
Scene 6. Cara Lott, Kathleen Gentry, Dan T. Mann

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