Poker Show (1980)

Rien ne vaut la première fois
Desideri caldi e bagnati (Italy)
Mitsouko’s Poker Party (1986 soft version?)
Poker partouze


Brigitte Verbecq as Mélodie Bird
Catherine Ringer
Cathy Stewart as Cathy Grener, plays Elisabeth
Dominique Saint Claire as Vanessa Montier (on the DVD), as Dom Pat in the original release
Marilyn Jess plays Véronique
Nicole Segaud uncredited, or as Ann Shirley in some versions
Sophie Guers uncredited

Males credited

Omar Faudel (in the DVD) aka Hoss Malbrouck plays André
Jacques Marbeuf
Richard Lemieuvre
André Kay as André Vinouze

Males uncredited in the DVD

Guy Royer
Jean Pierre Armand
Hubert Géral
Gilbert Servien

French Version

Italian Version

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