Prison World (1994)

Prison World is no ordinary resort. Here, for a price, a select feminie clientele can experience the full intensity of the incarceration experience. Stripped, searched and examined with diabolic thoroughness, the lovely “prisoners” are confined to specially equipped cells where their days are passed in stringent bondage, ingenious torment and, of course, a constant state of erotic heat. Pleasure is mandatory, punishment inevitable. The exquisite Sarah Jane Hamilton stars as the thrill-seeking heiress Rebecca, with her luscious cellmate Nicole (long-legged, pierced-nipple Misty rain) sharing her sensual sentence. The mischievous assistant warden Denise, played by the delightful Diva, misses no opportunity to make the most of their captivity. And Porsche Lynn, as the lascivious Warden Lola, turns in the performance of a lifetime, lashing her inmates into a carnal frenzy of caged lust. Think you’ve seen every possible variation of the girls-behind bars picture? Forget ’em! This is it, the one you’ve been waiting for all this time. A full inety minutes of intense, unrelenting, non-stop action awaits you when you check into Prison World!

Ernest Greene

* Diva [NonSex]
* Misty Rain [NonSex]
* Porsche Lynn [NonSex]
* Sarah Jane Hamilton [NonSex]



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