Raw Talent (1984)

AVN Best Film Award 1986 – Raw Talent 1 (1984) AVN Rank #87

Starring: Lisa DeLeeuw, Rhonda Jo Petty, Taija Rae, Danielle, Tish Ambrose, Cassandra Leigh, Chelsea Blake, Jerry Butler, Joey Silvera, Ron Jeremy, Jose Duval.

One thing that this film is known for in the original uncut version is it’s “subliminal messages”. During the sex scenes (and many others), a text message was flashed on the screen or 1 or 2 frames. This could range from “SEX” and “KILL” to “EAT” and “LAUGH”.
I have never heard if this had any impact on the audience however. But even without this, the film is good and tracks the rise and fall of an actor that moves from Porn to Soap Opera. This may well be where some of the concepts for the more recent “Boogie Nights” may have come from. There are many similar sceens in these two movies.





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