Rocky Mountains (1991)

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Charisma, Leanna Foxxx, Sonya
  • Scene 2. Traci Starr, Cal Jammer
  • Scene 3. Mona Lisa, Steven Mitchell
  • Scene 4. Traci Starr, Jake Steed
  • Scene 5. Persia, Cal Jammer, Eddie



One thought on “Rocky Mountains (1991)”

  1. The JPG stills are from a video known as “The Rookies” which can be found incorrectly described as “Rocky Mountains” in several free movie sites. The name of the RAR files in the download links seem to confirm this is that film. I didn’t download this video but the “The Rookies” downloaded from another free site is dubbed into German and missing the final scene between Alexandra Quinn and Marc Wallice.

    The scenes in these JPG stills from “The Rookies” are:
    Scene 1. Raven, Marc Wallice
    Scene 2. Katrina Valentine, Raven Richards
    Scene 3. Raven Richards, Wayne Summers
    Scene 4. Katrina Valentine, TT Boy
    Scene 5. J. Zee, Marc Wallice

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