Satan’s Sex Slaves (1971)


Studio: Something Weird Video
Starring: Actresses

* Anne Marie
* Cindy Wilson
* Flora McIntosh
* Susie Carlson
* Wendy Sanders


* Adam Ward
* Rick Cassidy

Description: The Devil (whose face is half red, half white) wanders around a medieval fair trading lust for eternal damnation. Among THE LUCIFERS looking for a cheap thrill is a bored housewife: “I would do anything for a good piece of ass Even sell my soul to the Devil..” Boingl She quickly trades eternity for a beefy guy with Elvis sideburns.

Rick Cassidy suffers from impotence which Lucifer will cure for a small price: “Render up your eternal soul to me Is it a deal.?” “Yeah. What the fuck. Why not?” He’s promptly transported onto a waterbed as a toy for two stoned babes. But Cassidy’s girlfriend, Violet, does not need the Devil because “True love is a force more powerful than corruption of the soul.”





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