Sensuous Vixens (1971)

Alternate Versions:
Violated (Pipeline Video Company, 1971)

Scene 1. Barbara Benner, Jason Russell, Russ Carlson
Scene 2. Tina Russell, Jason Russell, Russ Carlson
Scene 3. Barbara Benner
Scene 4. Barbara Benner, guy, Harry Reems
Scene 5. Betty Bombed, blonde
Scene 6. Betty Bombed, Sam Spaced
Scene 7. Jutta David, Tina Russell, guy, Russ Carlson
Scene 8. Tina Russell
Scene 9. Tina Russell, Jason Russell
Scene 10. 3 brun, Justine D’Ore, Adam Ward, Franklin Anthony

Scene 10 is a clip from Cheri (1974).
Susie Carlson is present in Scene 10 but does not get involved in the sex.

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