Snatchbuckler (1985)


* Careena Collins (as Careena)
* Jennifer Noxt
* Sheer Delight (as Kathlyn Moore)
* Kimberly Carson


* Randy West
* Ron Jeremy
* Tom Byron

* Scene 1. Kimberly Carson, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 2. Careena Collins, Jennifer Noxt
* Scene 3. Sheer Delight
* Scene 4. Careena Collins, Jennifer Noxt, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 5. Kimberly Carson, Tom Byron
* Scene 6. Randy West, Sheer Delight

Description: “Now here’s an adult film that’s truly something different. It’s an ambitious period piece set in the 18th century, about an evil pirate captain (Ron Jeremy) who kidnaps demure young princess Kathryn Moore. Soon adventurer Randy West comes to the rescue and more than swords will be unsheathed. Shot almost entirely outdoors on a deserted beach and on an authentic old sailing ship, this video gets high marks for realistic sets and costumes. It’s tongue-in-cheek attitude doesn’t detract from the frenetic couplings, and the ladies certainly do look lovely in their corsets and lace. A fast-paced frolic that keeps the humor and the sex in a nice balance, this is one of the best sex films of the mid-80s.”




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