Spanish Fly (1985) DVD5

aka La Corrida charnelle
Malisa, Elisa, et le taureau

Director: Jose Benazeraf
Studio: Caballero Home Video

Cast: Cathy Menard, Elena Munoz, Jennifer Haussmann, Laura May, Olinka, Sophie Pressle, Gabriel Pontello

Mysterious, passionate Spain…it’s an erotic fantasy for many a tourist. But the lure and lustiness of this sensual country acts like an aphrodisiac on vacationing Olinka and Gabriel Pontello. The two of them, and their promiscuous friends, go sexually berserk in a non-stop holiday of lascivious lovemaking. From frantic trysts to bawdy bullfighting orgies, it’s no wonder the SPANISH FLY originated here! You’d think it was in the water supply, judging by everyone’s amorous appetite!

Scene 1. Jennifer Haussmann, Olinka, Gabriel Pontello
Scene 2. brun, guy
Scene 3. brun, Unknown Male 213338
Scene 4. Jennifer Haussmann, guy
Scene 5. brun, Gabriel Pontello
Scene 6. Laura May, Sophie Pressle, Gabriel Pontello
Scene 7. Elena Munoz
Scene 8. Laura May, Sophie Pressle, Gabriel Pontello
Scene 9. brun, Olinka, Gabriel Pontello
Scene 10. Cathy Menard, Gabriel Pontello
Scene 11. brun, faceless girl, Gabriel Pontello
Scene 12. brun, Gabriel Pontello




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