My Sister Seka (1981) DVD

Released: 1981
Genre: Classic, Feature, Couples
Directed by: Ron Barnett
Issued: Caballero
Duration: 1 hour 18 mins

Topic: Six little episodes in Seka’s life, during which she screws all the lucky men in the cast in her living room, in her hot tub, in the office where she is secretary to a new young boss, with her girlfriend and finally with some newlyweds, as Seka happily prepares the groom for the bride by showing him the joy of oral sex.

Actress, and actors:
Sarah Sheldon [NonSex]
Seka [Facial]
Jennifer West (as Tina Ross)
Vicky Steele [Facial]
Blair Harris (as Dave Hartman)
John Leslie
Mick South (as Mark Slater)
R.J. Reynolds
David Morris (as Stan Jacobs)
Turk Lyon (as Willy Weber)





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