Switch Hitters 1 (1986)



Starring: Randy West, Steve Horner, Whitney Prince, Stacy Donovan, T.J. Swan, Jessica Wylde, Steve Drake, Brittany Stryker, Blake Palmer, Bionca Seven, Matt Forest.

Switch Hitters are new to DVD. An integrated bi-sexual romance that covers every base. Lust and tension hit a feverish pitch in this sprawling saga of the Major and Minor Leagues. Coach Randy West struggles with a small time baseball that he yearns to take to the top. His best chance involves a sexual struggle with the team’s owner (played by Bionca). Meanwhile, Stacy Donovan and Jessica Wylde, as headlines at the local strip club, organize their own kind of “ball” game with the younger masters of the team. Stacy throws a curve however, when she teaches T.J. and Matt a brand new way to swing. The bases are loaded and there’s grandstand action for everyone in “Switch Hitters”. Why swing one way? When you can switch hitters!!!






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