The Girl With The Heart Shaped Tattoo (1995)

Candy Vegas [Anal Facial]
Debi Diamond [Facial]
Felecia [LezOnly]
Melissa Hill [Facial]
Nancy Vee
Nicole Lace [Anal]
Nicole London [NonSex]
Spantaneeus Xtasty [NonSex]

Bobby Vitale
E Z Ryder [NonSex]
Marc Wallice
Steven St. Croix
Tom Byron
Tony Tedeschi
TT Boy

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Marc Wallice, Nicole Lace
Scene 2. Bobby Vitale, Candy Vegas
Scene 3. Felecia, Nancy Vee
Scene 4. Nancy Vee, Tom Byron
Scene 5. Melissa Hill, Steven St. Croix
Scene 6. Debi Diamond, TT Boy
Scene 7. Melissa Hill, Tony Tedeschi

It seems Miss Hill was in the middle of a tattooing when her gang leaves the parlor with another gang’s jackets. One contained her engagement ring. Another the key to a safe deposit box filled with $100 bills.
Will the jackets get back to their rightful owners? Will Melissa and Tony have scorching sex in a car? Will she and Steve do it on a desk in an office? Will Felecia have three-way sex in a sex club? Will Debi do a seedy bathroom scene draped over a porcelain sink?
The answer is five yes’s and one maybe.



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