The Life and Times of Xaviera Hollander (1973)


Director: Larry G. Spangler

Betty Hunt
Karen Stacy
Paula Stone
Samantha McLaren
Sylvia Reasoner

Franklin Anthony
John Holmes
Keith Erickson
Rick Cassidy
Rick Lutze

A sensuous and sizzling look into a high-class hooker. Tell the truth, haven’t you always wondered what the secret life of a high class hooker is really like? Finally there’s a film that takes you behind the scenes and deep inside the lascivious life of the sexiest of them all: the devine Miss Xaviera Hollander! Can you just picture her first experience with professional pleasing? How did she become the Princess of Pleasure? The answers are all here, and not a single juicy detail is left out. You’ll see Xaviera in every possible compromising position, always with one goal in her heart, mind and bidy: to please. And please she does – men and women, single and together, in the entire panorama of sexual variety. There’s something here for everyone. When it comes to providing you with palpable, pulsating pleasure, Xaveria delivers!



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