The Notorious Cleopatra (1970)


Year: 1970
Country: USA
Genre: sexplotation / Lesbian Scene | Lesbianism | Female Nudity | Nudity | Ancient Egypt
Duration: 1ch:27m

Directed by: Bethel Buckalew

Cast: (in credits order)
Sonora … Cleopatra
Johnny Rocco … Mark Antony
Jay Edwards … Caesar
Dixie Donovan … Charmain
Mason Bakman … Enobarbus
Christopher Stone … Demetrius
Michael Cheal … Cicero
Ron Smith … Lepius
Woody Lee … Cassius
Tom Huorn … Brutus
Ty Hamilton … High Priest
James Brand … Centurian
Bobby Love … Devil Dancer
Joe Pepe … Auctioneer
Jess White … Dungeon Guard
Frank James … Messenger
Tommy Davis … Nubian Guard
Kathy Cannella … Slave Girl
Bonnie Cooper … Slave Girl
Suzanne Fields … Slave Girl
Kathy Kannella
Ruth Liben … Slave Girl
Sherise Roland … Slave Girl
Casey Lorrain … Orgy Girl (uncredited)

Eager to satiate his sexual appetite, fat slob Caesar sends Marc Antony to bring THE NOTORIOUS CLEOPATRA back to Rome. But though he’s ordered to keep his hands to himself, Antony quickly falls under the Queen’s spell (no surprise since she’s played by the black and beautiful Sonora), which leads to a virgin sacrifice, an Egyptian orgy, the Ides of March, a shocker of an ending, and a complete skewering of history in this wacky Harry Novak sex comedy which won’t be playing on the History Channel anytime soon!



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