The Water People (1973)


* Carol Connors (as Carol Robbins) … Carol Kaiser
* Mary Flemming
* Susan Finnigan

* Jack Colt
* Jerry Jones
* Peter Taylor

Scenes Breakdown:

* Scene 1. Carol Connors, guy
* Scene 2. blonde, brun, guy
* Scene 3. Carol Connors, guy
* Scene 4. 2 guys, blonde, brun, Carol Connors

Carol Connors was a staple of the porn business in the 1970s, making a name for herself in such productions as Deep Throat (1972) and Erotic Adventures of Candy (1978). She started out as an actress in legitimate productions, making her big-screen debut playing a waitress in Howard Hawks’ Red Line 7000 (1965), but she could not get a break in Hollywood. Frustrated after five years without making it, she turned to adult entertainment in 1970, ushering in a new career as a hardcore porn actress with the new decade. Connors famously played the nurse to Harry Reems’ philandering physician in the “Gone With the Wind” of porn, “Deep Throat”, but she didn’t come into her own as an attraction until she starred in Gail Palmer’s “Candy” series.






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