Pensionat heissblutiger Teens (1979)

Pensionat heissblutiger Teens
Déculottez-vous mesdemoiselles

Director : Francis Leroi

Marilyn Jess plays Patricia
Brigitte Verbecq as Melody Bird
Danièle Troeger as Muriel White, plays a drum majorette
Dominique Saint Claire as Dom Pat
Edwige Faillel as Edwig Failliel
Elisabeth Buré plays the photographer’s assistant,
Flore Soller as Flore or Flore Sollier
Julia Perrin as Mary Lou
Martine Schultz as Micky, plays the Edwardian girl, Claudine
Mika Barthel as Mika, plays a drum majorette
Natacha Lori as Natacha, plays Mlle Angel Mulot

Description: The film opens with Marilyn Jess and Julai Perrin being made to remove their panties by the headmaster.

Then there is an abrupt cut to Dominique Saint Claire (Madame Birch, the owner of the Pensionnat Birch) leading a horse accross a field accompanied by Danièle Troeger. Cut to Jean-Pierre Armand, with curly hair and moustache, driving a bus up to Dominique’s house. He goes in and she plays the dominatrix in a b / g scene dressed in her hacking jacket.

Then we see Marilyn Jess and Ella Rose looking at an old dirty book and masturbating in the toilet. A female teacher, Mlle Angel Mulot (XNK0546) catches them at it and takes them away for a bit of corporal punishment. But there is also a polarodi picture of a man with an erection sticking out of his jeans. This falls to the floor when Marilyn Jess removes her panties, later causing trouble for the teacher. The headmaster sees part of this and then walks in on the female teacher as she dildos herself with the end of the crop. A b / g scene follows. The headmaster, Madame Birch (Dominique Saint Claire) and the teacher discuss the polaroid in the office.




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