Tower Of Love (1973)


Starring: Jean Pascal, Tammy Smith, Kitty Lombard, Tommy Walker, Joseph Peters, Gene Rowland, Alan Land, Carol Hawkins, Mary Valentine, March Embers, Bob Boneto, Floyd Martin, Bert Davis, Bob Silva.

In this bizarre Harry Novak production, three women go to a fictitious European country to be spokesmodels for a national celebration. They are housed in luxury and paid quite well, and the only drawback is that they must wear chastity belts. The girls go about their daily activities, playing cards, working out, jogging all wearing only these small metal g-strings. Sexually frustrated, each calls upon a locksmith, who after having removed their belts, has sex with them. Later on the women are sent back to America, as the event has been cancelled, and the viewer finds out that the locksmith was the nation’s prince, engaging in this strange farce to get him some action.



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