Trinity Brown (1984)

aka A Girl Named Trinity Brown

* Colleen Brennan [Facial]
* Kimberly Carson
* Melanie Scott
* Rose Lash [NonSex]
* Sandy Allen [NonSex]
* Tamara Longley [Facial]

* Jamie Gillis
* Joey Silvera
* John Leslie
* R. Bolla
* Richard Douglas [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Tamara Longley, Joey Silvera
* Scene 2. Colleen Brennan, John Leslie
* Scene 3. Melanie Scott, Joey Silvera
* Scene 4. Kimberly Carson, John Leslie
* Scene 5. Tamara Longley, John Leslie
* Scene 6. Colleen Brennan, Jamie Gillis
* Scene 7. Colleen Brennan, Joey Silvera
* Scene 8. Kimberly Carson, Tamara Longley

A steamy detective yarn about a sizzling female cop stalking a cold-blooded murdered. Trinity Brown takes us through the underworld of hot-blooded, super-sexed gangsters, strippers, pimps, call girls and cheap street hoods unlike any erotic movie has ever done before.

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