Trois lycéennes à Paris (1979)

Director: Georges Clair (Georges Fleury?)

Alternate Titles:
3 lycéennes à Paris – title as displayed in credits
Le Avventure Erotiche di Tre Pornoliceali a Parigi – Italy, a title also stuck at the front of a totally different film
Drei Schülerinnen in Paris – West Germany, Mike Hunter
Trois lycéennes en chaleur 1980
Drei Schuelerinnen in Paris (MHV 1979)

Céline Gallone
Marilyn Jess plays Iris
Marlène Simone as Carmen Heredia, non-sex, but nude
Mika Barthel as Mika, plays Bettina
XNK1086 archive footage?

Piotr Stanislas
Jean-Paul Bride plays Iris’s father
Tony Leveillé
René Marquand
Raymond Gil
Jacques Marbeuf – a guest at Iris’s birthday party and also at the final fancy-dress party




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