Die geile Nachbarin (1975)


Die geile Nachbarin (aka Erections) (1975)
Released: 1975
Director: Georges Fleury

Alternate Titles
Breakfast Lovers West Germany
Erection Blue Italy
Parties carées re-issue title

Ellen Earl as Ellen Coupey, plays Gilda
Eva Khris plays Marie, the maid
Eva Quang plays the Japanese trainee pilot
XNK2198 plays the neighbour’s wife

Jacques Marbeuf is married to Gilda and has to leave her for a month since he is to instruct Japanese girls how to fly a plane. Before going, he offers her a dildo and asks their maid Marie to take care of ‘madame’. The two women, under the husband’s guidance, quickly learn how to use the thing. ‘Monsieur’ leaves and ‘Madame’ meets her young and very shy neighbour on the way back from the station. His name is Jacques and he tells her his father often watches her with binoculars. The friendly woman invites him for dinner.





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