Verlorene Eier (1976)

Released: 1976
Director: Alan Vydra
Notes: video released by Beate Uhse, DVD by Tabu

Alternate Titles
Sex-Wahn in der Psychiatrie

Angelika Hefner as Angie
Carmen Miehlich
Claudia Mehringer as Claudia, plays a doctor
Helen Thomas as Helene
Jane Iwanoff as Jane
Marion Koos
Sigrun Theil as Sigrun, plays nurse Sigrun

Males –

Sepp Gneissl, plays Professor Markus
Gert Hartig, plays the Police Inspector
Reiner Brönneke, plays a TV reporter
Rolf Zigan, plays Jankowski
the bloke who plays “Mr. O” in Die amourösen Abenteuer des Mr. O plays a patient
the “Werner Frietag” guy from Playgirls of Munich plays a patient



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