Wanda – The Sadistic Hypnotist (1969)


A mild-mannered man named Sylvester goes from being the victim of a car crash to the Sex-Toy-in-Residence when he’s held prisoner by a cult of lingerie-clad sex-kittens led by WANDA THE SADISTIC HYPNOTIST! Armed with a riding crop and wild eyes, Wanda amuses herself by hypnotizing a door-to-door saleswoman into thinking she’s a go-go dancer, turning a lesbian into a man-hungry nympho and making Sylvester parade around in a leather bikini. But Wanda’s party really kicks into high gear when it’s invaded by a “mentally demented” maniac who not only “cannot control his emotions when he’s near attractive females,” but finds Wanda’s secret supply of LSD…

Katherine Shubeck … Wanda
Richard Compton … Sylvester (as Dick Dangerfield)
Janine Sweet
Patty Roberts
Lindy Birde
Mary Weatler
Lynn Harris
Sheri Jackson
Linda Stiles
Iris Dawne
Estelle Murphy
Greg Corarito
Robert Luisi
Lauri Davis
Jean Rodgers
Jacque Lee
Daryl Colinot … The Maniac





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