War Whores (1996)


Starring: Carolina, Chandler, Christin, Lil’ Cinderella, Tricia Devereaux, Dorothy, Dave Hardman, Steve Hatcher, Rick Masters, Mila, Stephanie Swift.

Rob Black attempts something different with “War Whores”, a grimy X-rater that is well shot and lit, and boasts some interesting set-ups. As turn-on material, it’s not very effective, but it’s a change from the usual predictability.
The vid’s structure is pure “Devil in Miss Jones”. A Vietnam vet, who is a junkie and close to death, finds himself in a jacuzzi of straw in “The Black Line”, a waiting room between heaven and hell where a sexy dominatrix-type forces him to repent for his sleazy sexual escapades during his time in ‘Nam. Black makes no effort to cast Asian women, so our vet flashes back to half a dozen encounters with various non-Asian women and these comprise the porno content on offer.
Though Black is well known for his proud misogyny, this vid’s sex scenes are pretty mild. Anal, oral, threesomes and “lite” strangulation make up the sexual bill of fare.
“War Whores” starts off strong, but the focus gets lost amongst the porn material and the dark tone becomes repetitive.
Clearly, Black is more than a gonzo-style videographer and brings some cinematic qualities to his work. It’s just a shame his films are so anti-erotic (perhaps deliberately so).




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