China Cat (1978)

Bob Chinn (as Robert C. Chinn)

* Paula Wain (as Christian Sarver)
* Desiree Cousteau (as Clearbranch) [BJOnly Facial]
* Eileen Wells (as Eileen Welles) [Anal Facial]
* Jennifer Richards [Facial]
* Kyoto Sun (as Kyoto)
* Cris Cassidy (as Monti Stevens)

* Dale Meador [NonSex]
* Damon Christian [NonSex]
* Elliot Lewis [NonSex]
* John Holmes (as John C. Holmes)
* John Seeman (as John Seemen)
* Mario Lewis (as Mark Lewis) [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Desiree Cousteau, John Seeman
* Scene 2. Paula Wain, John Holmes
* Scene 3. Eileen Wells, Cris Cassidy
* Scene 4. Jennifer Richards, John Holmes
* Scene 5. Eileen Wells, John Holmes
* Scene 6. Cris Cassidy, John Holmes
* Scene 7. Kyoto Sun, John Holmes

A retro, campy, spy-spoof follows the adventures of private-(and huge)-dick, Johnny Wadd, played by the legendary John C. Holmes. Assigned a case via speaker-phone a la Charlie’s Angels, a sexy squad of female detectives go undercover (and under covers!) trying to get their hands on a priceless jade statuette Wadd possesses. Fans of the mainstream film, Boogie Nights, will recognize scenes that were re-enacted for that movie, loosely based on Holmes’ real life.




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