Justine A Matter of Innocence (1980)

Hillary Summers … Justine Cates
Ashley Moore … Steven Cates
Vanessa del Rio … Claudia Kendall (as Vanessa Del Rio)
Merle Michaels … Lynn – Black Lingerie
Christie Ford … Laurie – Red Lingerie
Andy Hayes … Greg Cates
Christine De Shaffer … Michelle the Maid
Linda Vale … Margaret (as Portia)
Robin Sane … Elaine (as Robin Stein)
Suzanne Raven … Mrs. Pomerantz
Rick Iverson … Don (as Rick Iversen)
Dave Ruby … Santo
Peter Velo … Lewis the Chauffeur
Cecil Howard … Businessman – Blue Suit (as Ward Summers)
Ed Bucks … Businessman – Black Suit
Beth Anna … Sex Performer – Long Hair (uncredited)
Patty Boyd … Sex Performer – Short Hair (uncredited)
Tony Perez … Sex Performer (uncredited)

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Vanessa del Rio, Ashley Moore
Scene 2. Robin Sane, Andy Hayes, Rick Iverson
Scene 3. Hillary Summers, Ashley Moore
Scene 4. Christine DeShaffer, David Ruby
Scene 5. Hillary Summers
Scene 6. Hillary Summers, Andy Hayes
Scene 7. Bethanna, Patty Boyd, Tony Perez
Scene 8. Hillary Summers, Linda Vale
Scene 9. Christie Ford, Merle Michaels, Ashley Moore
Scene 10. Hillary Summers, Rick Iverson
Scene 11. Hillary Summers, Ashley Moore
Scene 12. Hillary Summers, Ashley Moore

Language Track 1: English
Language Track 2: English audio commentary with film historian Casey Scott and director Roberta Findlay
Subtitles: English (selectable)



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