Extreme Sleaze Showcase (1970)


Back in the 70s, anything went as far as kinky sex was concerned. There was a built-in audience of misanthropic viewers who reveled in the degradation of women. Grindhouse expert 42nd Street Pete has hand-picked over twenty authentic, Home 8mm Movie sex ‘loops’. You might be shocked and appalled, but you will watch it all and draw your own conclusions. So buckle up your seat belts.. for some of you this may be a rough ride indeed.





3 thoughts on “Extreme Sleaze Showcase (1970)”

  1. I downloaded this in 2014. Here are my notes, including some recognized actors:
    1. wieternik
    2. 12:14
    3. 18:50 ‘Pee for Linda’ lovelace, edwards,
    4. 28:00 Female Fury;
    5. 45:00 in b&w black plumbers ‘fix’ white tenant
    6. 53:23 ‘Brother and Sister’ summers,
    7. lutze?; other guy/burns&beard; female/hairy armpits, colonic, dildo
    8. 1:11:00 color climax; s&m in warehouse
    9. 1:18:00 ‘Porno Party’; foreign object, anal
    10: 1:28 looking like a duplicate; ‘After School Special’; spector
    11. ‘rump wrangler’; gillis
    12. 1:45:00 ‘sadist bride’
    13. 1:53:00 ‘tv debate’;
    14. 2:03:00 2black guys rape white woman
    15. 2:12:00 ‘under the gun’; bearded guy forced by gun-wielding blonde

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