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    Doll Face (1986)

    Year: 1986
    Country: United States
    Genre: classic, straight, feature
    Duration: 83 min
    Studio: Metro
    Director: Robert McCallum

    Doll Face Description: “An angelic DOLL FACE named Sharon (Sandy Summers) listens as her mother (Nina Hartley) and stepfather Ken (Eric Edwards) make love all night. Four years later, she arrives at Ken’s San Francisco doorstep, invading his new life with Rita (Maggie Randall), since she can no longer get along with her real mom.
    “Trying to get her mind off her ex-stepfather’s love plunger (she now watches instead of just listens), she takes in a sleazy San Francisco North Beach sex show and on a second trip becomes a willing part of the “audience participation”. As the story unfolds, you will be drawn into a compelling web of suspense that centers on Sharon’s introduction to the world of sex. Is she an innocent waif or a conniving manipulating minx with a haunting secret?

    “DOLL FACE fills up the storybook pages of your mind and supplies the combination of tension and heat that discriminating viewers demand.”


    Lili Marlene
    Maggie Randall
    Nina Hartley
    Sandy Summers


    Buddy Grant
    Don Fernando
    Eric Edwards
    Jason Jules
    Joey Silvera

    Scene Breakdowns

    Scene 1. Nina Hartley, Eric Edwards
    Scene 2. Maggie Randall, Eric Edwards
    Scene 3. Lili Marlene, Jason Jules
    Scene 4. Lili Marlene, Sandy Summers, Jason Jules
    Scene 5. Nina Hartley, Don Fernando
    Scene 6. Sandy Summers, Joey Silvera



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