Legend Of King Karl (1986)

Year: 1986
Country: United States
Genre: feature, classic, group, DP, lesbian
Duration: 79 min

Directed by: M.S. Novak

The Legend Of King Karl
Jon Martin stars as King Karl, sexual guru for the 80’s, who brazenly preaches the word of lust to the troubled and the restless wherever he goes. On hand to help spread Karlnal joy are sex cult initiates, Taylor Wayne, Nina Hartley, Lilly Marlene, and Gayle Sterling.

When your gospel includes threesomes, oral sex, and plenty of pussy pounding, I’m guessing it’s not too hard to convince the masses that they’re thirsting for your “purple kool-aid.”

One thing that’s apparent in this classic film from the golden age of porn is that these legendary women really know how to treat a king!


Carol Titian [Anal]
Gail Sterling
Janey Robbins
Lili Marlene [Anal DP]
Nina Hartley


Blair Harris
Jesse Adams
Jesse Eastern
Jon Martin

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Janey Robbins, Lili Marlene, Jesse Eastern
Scene 2. Carol Titian, Nina Hartley, Jesse Adams
Scene 3. Vidya, Blair Harris
Scene 4. Lili Marlene, Jesse Adams, Jesse Eastern
Scene 5. Gail Sterling, Vidya, Jesse Eastern
Scene 6. Gail Sterling, Jon Martin




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