Insatiable (1980)


Godfrey Daniels

* Jesie St. James [Anal Facial]
* Joan Turner [NonSex]
* Marilyn Chambers [Anal Facial Fisting]
* Serena [LezOnly]

* David Morris
* John Holmes (as John C. Holmes)
* John Leslie
* Mike Ranger
* Richard Pacheco (as Richard Pachecho)
* Robert Pennard [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Marilyn Chambers, Serena
* Scene 2. Marilyn Chambers, Richard Pacheco
* Scene 3. Marilyn Chambers, David Morris
* Scene 4. Jesie St. James, John Leslie
* Scene 5. Jesie St. James, Marilyn Chambers, David Morris, Mike Ranger
* Scene 6. Marilyn Chambers, John Holmes

This is Marilyn at her best! Marilyn plays Sandra, a poor little rich girl who seems to have everything, except what she really wants… hot, steamy, passionate sex! In an attempt to take her mind off her desires, she accepts a starring role in a movie. However, she gets more than she expects when her movie role leads to a string of torrid sexual encounters. An all-time erotic best-seller!



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