Love Dreams (1981)


* Abigail Heath plays Helen, the blonde daughter in 2nd household
* Bonnie Holiday plays Mrs. Mills, wife in 2nd household
* Julia Perrin plays Julia
* Morgan Jones plays wife in 3rd household
* Susan Nero plays Susan, maid in 3rd household


* Dale Meador plays Mr. Wallace (1st household) [NonSex]
* Gerald Koehn plays husband in 3rd household
* Harry Freeman plays director of employment agency [NonSex]
* Hershel Savage plays Mrs. Mills’ young lover
* Jason DeWitt plays Mr. Mills, husband in 2nd household
* John Leslie plays Mr. Franklin (4th household)
* Unknown Male 3356-B plays the General

Scene 1. Bonnie Holiday, Herschel Savage
Scene 2. Julia Perrin, Jason DeWitt
Scene 3. Bonnie Holiday, Herschel Savage
Scene 4. Abigail Heath, Julia Perrin, Herschel Savage
Scene 5. Morgan Jones, Gerald Koehn
Scene 6. Susan Nero, Unknown Male 3356-B
Scene 7. Julia Perrin
Scene 8. Julia Perrin
Scene 9. Julia Perrin, John Leslie

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Language: German


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