La Perversion d’une jeune Mariee (1978)

Released: 1978
Genre: Classic, Feature, Couples
Director: Claude Mulot as Frédéric Lansac
Issued: Alpha France

The names of other publications:
* Il Diario intimo di Maria Cristina (Italy)
* French Blues (Germany)
* Huoramorsian
* La Perversion d’une jeune mariée (re-issue title, Blue One DVD)
* Perversions of a Young Bride (USA, informal English title)
*Perversions pornographiques
*Excès pornographiques

* Brigitte Lahaie plays Marie-Christine [facial]
* Danièle David, plays Marie-Christine’s best friend
* Jenny Feeling uncredited, plays Joelle, the maid [anal]
* Mandarine uncredited, plays Marie-Christine’s lesbian lover
* Ghislain van Hove plays the bridegroom
* Alban Ceray, uncredited, plays a previous lover
* André Miller plays a previous lover
* Jean Gerard Sorlin, uncredited, plays the emcee
* Thierry de Brem, uncredited, plays a previous lover

Plot: Marie-Christine is about to be married. Her friend, also a lover of the groom, goes through a photo-album of previous lovers of Marie-Christine with him as they wait downstairs for the bride to appear with her maid (Jenny Feeling) – cue flashbacks including one of a lesbian lover (Mandarine). The ceremony is actually an orgy-cum-gangbang involving the bride and groom, all the previous lovers, the friend and the maid.
Everybody knows the French don’t waist any time when it comes to the art of making love. At the start of “Perversions of a Young Bride”, aka “French Blues” (?) we witness a couple (Ghislain van Hove and Danièle David ) just finishing a bout of intercourse, only to find out they are just friends. In fact, she’s the best friend of his fiancée. Turns out they had some time on their hands while the bride, Marie-Christine (the legend known as Brigitte Lahaie) is getting ready. So, the groom (already in his tux) and the best friend flip through Marie-Christine’s scrapbook of love, a photo album featuring pictures of lovers and their private parts. Of course, each one has a story attached, and luckily Danièle knows them all. After all, every guy loves to hear about the sex live of the woman he loves.



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