Contraintes par Corps (1978)

Alternate Titles
Contraintes par Corps
2 Soeurs Lubriques


* Cathy Stewart as Cathy Steewart, plays Norma
* Claude Janna plays Femme 1
* Diane Dubois plays Murielle
* Morgane plays Alice (As Marianne Flowers in the American release)
* Valérie Martin’s as Virginie Caillat, plays ‘Mannequin Femme’
* Natalie (unlisted) plays Mado, Alice’s mother (?)

Males –

* Patrice Chéron as Patrice Cheron plays Frederic
* Alban Ceray plays Laurent, Frederic’s publisher
* Dominique Aveline plays Tony
* Michel Anderson plays the psychiatrist
* Daniel Bellus plays Christian
* Jean-Louis Vattier plays ‘Homme 1’
* Guy Royer plays ‘Homme 2’
* Pitof plays Bobby
* John Oury as Mister John plays ‘Mannequin Homme’
* Joël Charvier plays Georgy
* Hervé Amalou (André Miller) plays Alex, Alice’s former boyfriend

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