La Prof Ou Les Plaisirs Defendus (1982)


Alternate Titles
Privatstunden Sex inbegriffen
La Prof
La Prof’… ou les plaisirs défendus
La Professoressa erotica
Ein Sommer voller Zärtlichkeit

Starring: Cathy Menard, Helen Shirley, Alice Aniel, Melody Bird, Claudia Von Stadt, Victor Vallet, Eric Saville, Andre Kay, Tony Valles, Hubert Ceylan, Yves Soubeyran, Marie Rako, Richard Allan, Claude Dernant

Description: Love, sex, and lubricity in South of France. Success of the film XXX Provencal. With Helen Shirley.. gorgeous in her role of a teacher. Despite her austere looks, she can prevent her body of succumbing to the more extreme pleasures of the flesh in a series of increasingly abusive situations. A record number of enthusiastic spectators welcomed the release of this film on January 13, 1982 in the Alpha France movie theaters.

Language: French

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