Resurrection of Eve (1973)

Artie Mitchell
Jon Fontana

* Bentley Christmas [NonSex]
* Bunny Brody [NonSex]
* Cozy Edmondson [NonSex]
* Damona Marin [NonSex]
* Diane Miller
* June Richards [NonSex]
* Kandi Johnson (as Kandi Jones)
* Marilyn Chambers [IR]
* Mimi Morgan
* Nancy Weich [BJOnly]
* Pam Francis [NonSex]

* Buck Lacey
* Dale Meador (as Dale Meader)
* Dana Fuller [NonSex]
* Jon Martin (as Jerry Heath)
* John Paul Jones [NonSex]
* Johnnie Keyes (as Johnny Keyes)
* Matthew Armon
* Mike Bradford [NonSex]
* Tyler Reynolds (as W. Tyler Horn)
* Gerald Graystone (as Zachary Strong)

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Nancy Weich, Dale Meador
* Scene 2. Kandi Johnson, Matthew Armon
* Scene 3. Mimi Morgan, Matthew Armon
* Scene 4. Mimi Morgan, Matthew Armon
* Scene 5. Marilyn Chambers, Matthew Armon
* Scene 6. 3 brunettes, black girl, blonde, 3 Guys, black guy, Jon Martin, Matthew Armon
* Scene 7. 3 brunettes, black girl, blonde, Marilyn Chambers, 3 Guys, black guy, Jon Martin, Matthew Armon
* Scene 8. Marilyn Chambers, black guy
* Scene 9. Marilyn Chambers, black guy, Jon Martin, others
* Scene 10. orgy
* Scene 11. Marilyn Chambers, Johnnie Keyes
* Scene 12. Kandi Johnson, Matthew Armon

“‘Resurrection of Eve’ is the tale of Frank and Eve Paradise, who discover that it takes a lot more than physical attraction to make a relationship work. Their conflict stems from Frank’s unrealistic jealousy which so upsets Eve that she becomes involved in a car accident. When Eve is “resurrected” as a beauty following plastic surgery, she and Frank make amends and are soon married. However, their nuptial bliss is hampered by Frank’s reluctance to give up his pre-monogamous life-style. Thinking he is missing out on a lot of action, Frank persuades the hesitant Eve to attend group orgies with him. Although disgusted in the beginning, Eve soon learns to enjoy them, much to Frank’s dismay.”



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