American Pie (1980)

Director: Jeffrey Fairbanks


Arcadia Lake
Bridgette [NonSex]
Kitty Shayne
Lee Caroll
Lysa Thatcher
Robin Everett [Facial]


Aaron Stuart
Blair Harris
Damon Christian [NonSex]
Eric Edwards
Jon Martin
R.J. Reynolds
Randy West

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Lysa Thatcher, Robin Everett, Blair Harris
Scene 2. Bridgette, Aaron Stuart
Scene 3. Kitty Shayne, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 4. Lee Caroll, Eric Edwards
Scene 5. Lysa Thatcher, Randy West
Scene 6. Robin Everett, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 7. Arcadia Lake, Eric Edwards
Scene 8. Lysa Thatcher, Randy West
Scene 9. Lysa Thatcher, Jon Martin

Come back with us to 1957 for the hilarious retelling of a bizzare and bawdy kidnapping of two lovely heiresses, and the unpredictable circumstances that follow. Rudy and Jerry simply weren’t cut out for a life of crime, and by the time they discover that they’re got two sexual dynamos… a pair of overheated, oversexed and overripe young girls ready to explode… it’s too late!..




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