Big Bang (1987)


* Erica Idol (as Ericka Idol) [LezOnly]
* Gabriella
* Kristara Barrington [Facial]
* Lili Marlene [Anal Facial DP]
* Nikki Knight
* Nina Hartley [Facial]
* Shanna McCullough [Facial]
* Susie Saunders [Facial]


* Chris B. Sifartic [NonSex]
* Dan T. Mann (as Dann T. Mann)
* Don Fernando
* Gary Vann
* Jason Jules
* Jesse Adams
* Jon Martin
* Rocky Balboa (as Rocky Balboni)

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Kristara Barrington, Don Fernando
* Scene 2. Erica Idol, Lili Marlene
* Scene 3. Gabriella, Gary Vann
* Scene 4. Don Fernando, Nikki Knight
* Scene 5. Dan T. Mann, Jon Martin, Lili Marlene, Rocky Balboa
* Scene 6. Jesse Adams, Susie Saunders
* Scene 7. Nina Hartley, Jon Martin
* Scene 8. Jason Jules, Shanna McCullough

The big bang in question in this steamy sexvid isn’t the primordial explosion that created the universe and everything in it. Rather, this bang refers to the potential end of the video” protagonist, an unhappy little man who’s contemplating suicide due to his unfortunate love life. He rubs sticks of dynamite together and regales the audience with torrid tales of his loves and losses. It’s a rather decent way of linking together these otherwise unrelated scenes, and the sex itself sparkles with enthusiasm and passion. Kristara Barrington shows why she was the first Asian gal to become a full-fledged hardcore starlet, taking on a younger version of our hero in a steamy, incendiary coupling. Nikki Knights plays the first great love of his life, and she turns in an exceedingly erotic performance. Nikki’s youthful high spirits and obvious lust for on-screen carnality combine to make a heady, heated cocktail. With a stellar turn from Nina Hartley and a vivacious tryst from a young Shanna McCullough, this romp has all the ingredients for a simply spectacular sexvid.



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