An Unnatural Act (1984)

Production year: 1984
Country: United States
Genre: Classic, All Sex
Length: 1:19:57
Language: English

Director: Tim McDonald

Unnatural Act Description: “A lusty lampoon of the Hollywood hit ‘Heaven Can Wait,’ this epic stars John Leslie as a down-on-his-luck guitarist who only has two things going for him — his motorcycle and his ever-loving girlfriend Desiree Lane. After spending a lusty night in her arms, John heads home on his bike, only to be hit and killed by a car driven by porn producer Eric Edwards. Weeks later, when Desiree tries out for a part in Eric’s latest hardcore production, John’s spectral ghost appears on the scene. He watches as Desiree and Eric get down and dirty, then decides to make the most of his invisibility. He heads to a tennis club, where he joins in on a sultry threesome between a couple of cuties in the women’s locker room. Later on, he finds Desiree’s delectable roommate Kimberly Carson asleep in bed. He sneaks into her room and takes her on in a highly erotic coupling. In the end, Eric’s car careens off of a cliff, enabling John’s ghost to step into his body and continue his affair with Desiree. The whole thing is a bit silly, but it’s played for laughs and never takes itself too seriously. What is serious here is the sex, with a string of blistering boffs featuring some of the most alluring eroticists. Fast-paced fun that delivers the goods time and time again!


Bridgette Monet
Crystal Sheldon
Desiree Lane
Ginger Lynn [NonSex]
Kimberly Carson
Kristara Barrington [NonSex]
Misty Regan [Facial]
Pamela Jennings [Facial]
Tanya Lawson [NonSex]


Eric Edwards
John Leslie
Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Desiree Lane, John Leslie
Scene 2. Misty Regan, Eric Edwards
Scene 3. Bridgette Monet, Crystal Sheldon
Scene 4. Bridgette Monet, Crystal Sheldon, John Leslie
Scene 5. Desiree Lane, Eric Edwards
Scene 6. Kimberly Carson, John Leslie
Scene 7. Pamela Jennings, Ron Jeremy






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