Babylon Pink (1979)


Company : WinVan Productions
Studio : Command Video
Year : 1979
Language : English

Produced by Cecil Howard
Writen and directed by Henry Pachard
Director of photography Robert W. Norman
Original music by Tanziebrek & Cloud
Songs performed by The Purple Claw

Cast :
Samantha Fox, Vanessa Del Rio, Arcadia Lake, Merle Michaels, Debbie Revenge, Georgette Sanders, Georgina Spelvin, Bobby Astyr, Robert Kerman, David Morris, Eric Edwards, Dave Ruby

As the Big Apple awakens to another metropolitan morning, a few of its more fetching residents are dialing up some daydreams. A busy businesswoman (Samantha Fox) fantasizes about fucking an underling (Bobby Astyr) while his spouse (Vanessa Del Rio) imagines doing the dude (David Ruby) from the corner store. Their daughter (Georgette Saunders) is a dirty slut who masturbates with the shower massage, while the horny executive’s secretary (Merle Michaels) is secretly in love with her housemate (Arcadia Blue). When the roomie goes on a date with a dashing young man (Eric Edwards), our typewriter jockey envisions a steamy menage a trois. Meanwhile, at an upper class dinner party, the guests (Georgina Spelvin, Richard Bolla, and David Morris) all imagine getting it on with one of the present company (Debbie Savage). Our teen tease is also present, helping out at the gathering, and her barely legal presence gives one of the party people (Richard Bolla) some very bad ideas indeed.
Often imitated, NEVER duplicated, Babylon Pink is the blushing-hot female fantasy film of all time! The outrageous Cecil Howard and Henri Pachard join forces for a long, shameless probe into the most intimate erotic desires of the hottest stars in the world! Never before has a film been this nasty, this unforgettable. For seasoned, willing adults ONLY, this Adult Film Association Best Picture of the Year is required viewing for anyone who wants the best possible erotica.



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