Big Top Cabaret (1986)

David Keith

* Cajun Queen
* Lotta Topp
* Nikki King
* Trinity Loren
* Twin Towers

* Blake Palmer
* Buddy Love [NonSex]
* Don Fernando
* Frank James
* Ray Victory [NonSex]
* Ron Jeremy
* Sasha Gabor [NonSex]

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Cajun Queen, Lotta Topp, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 2. Nikki King, Don Fernando
* Scene 3. Trinity Loren, Frank James
* Scene 4. Nikki King, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 5. Twin Towers, Blake Palmer, Frank James
* Scene 6. Lotta Topp, Nikki King, Blake Palmer
* Scene 7. Cajun Queen, Lotta Topp, Twin Towers, Don Fernando, Frank James

Big Top Cabaret covers all the sexual bases. Beginning with a sensual strip teasing and dancing, the action soon grows volcanic, as customers fantasies are acted out live on stage. If that isn’t enough, the girls begin interracting with the audience, sucking dick, having their tits and pussies licked, and riding hard penises like there’s no tomorrow. A definite, no-holes-barred xxx production. Big Top Cabaret is a must see for those who like it hot and horny.

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