Candy Goes To Hollywood (1979)

Candy Goes to Hollywood! USA (video box title)
Gail Palmer’s Candy Goes to Hollywood USA (complete title)

* Carol Connors … Candy
* Wendy O. Williams (as Wendy Williams) … Herself
* John Leslie … Johnny Dooropener
* Richard Pacheco (as Howie Gordon) … Chuck Bareass
* Phaery Burd (as Faye Burd) … J.P. Organ
* Jack Birch … Rex P.
* David Pinney (as David Penny) … Jamie Close
* Gary Grime … Johnny Farson
* Turk Lyon … Samuel Goldicker
* Delania Raffino (as Barbara Bill) … Samantha
* Rhonda Jo Petty (as Ronda Jo Petty) … Sarah Dawcett
* Lynn Ann Newton (as Miss Nude America Shadow Neva) … Stripper
* Desiree Cousteau (as Desirée Cousteaus) … Hustler Magazine Centerfold (“Party Scene”)
* Sharon Kane … Aspiring Actress (“Party Scene”)
* John Wade … Doc Revenson ( “Party Scene”)
* Dan Davis … Ed the Mann (“Party Scene”)
* Lou Lou Langdon … Heavy Lady (“Party Scene”)
* Rocky Briggs … Rocky Stallion (“Party Scene”)
* Nancy Hoffman (as Nancy Hoffmann) … Buffet Table Girl (“Party Scene”)
* Karen Black … Girl with Ed the Mann (“Party Scene”)
* Patti Cakes (as Patty Cakes) … Girl with Rocky & J.P. (“Party Scene”)
* Marie Mosell … Third Girl (“Powder Room”)
* Robert Smith … Midget (“Dong Show”)
* Still Unknown … Unknown Comic (“Dong Show”)
* Claire Buchay … Girl Outside Howard Johnson’s
* Gail Palmer … Cashier inside Howard Johnson’s


Scene 1. Carol Connors, John Leslie
Scene 2. Wendy O. Williams
Scene 3. Carol Connors, Richard Pacheco
Scene 4. Delania Raffino, Carol Connors
Scene 5. Carol Connors, Gary Grime
Scene 6. Carol Connors, Turk Lyon
Scene 7. Sharon Kane, John Leslie
Scene 8. Desiree Cousteau, Sharon Kane, Turk Lyon
Scene 9. Phaery I. Burd, Patty Cakes, Rocky Briggs
Scene 10.Rhonda Jo Petty, Gary Grime
Scene 11.Karen Black, Dan Davis, John Wade
Scene 12.Nancy Hoffman, David Pinney
Scene 13.Lou Lou Langdon, Richard Pacheco

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