Double Exposure of Holly (1976)


Annie Sprinkle (as Annie Sprinkles) [Facial]
Bree Anthony
Catherine Burgess (as Catherine Earnshaw) [NonSex]
Cecilia Gardner [NonSex]
Nancy Dare [Facial]
Terri Hall

Bobby Astyr [NonSex]
Darryl Speer [NonSex]
Don Peterson
Jamie Gillis
Robert Maroff [NonSex]
Ronan O’Casey [NonSex]
Sol Weiner [NonSex]
Tony Richards (as Tony Blue)
Turk Turpin [NonSex]

Scene 1. Bree Anthony, Tony Richards
Scene 2. Terri Hall
Scene 3. Jamie Gillis, Nancy Dare, Annie Sprinkle
Scene 4. Don Peterson, Jamie Gillis, Annie Sprinkle, Terri Hall
Scene 5. Catherine Burgess, Don Peterson
Scene 6. Jamie Gillis, Terri Hall

A powerful New York attorney hires a private investigation company to spy on his cheating lover, Holly. Knowing she always frequents a certain room for her sexual rendezvous he asks them to video tape the activities. The private detectives get more than an eye full as Holly and others get off next door. When one time of a good thing is just not enough!
Annie Sprinkle & Jamie Gillis are cast as sexy private-eyes hired to bug a motel room where the beautiful Catherine Burgess rendezvous with her lovers. As Annie & Catherine get busy
uncovering more than espionage – the plot develops into one of the sauciest 70s sex romps ever filmed!



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