Careful, He May Be Watching (1987)

Careful, He May Be Watching (1987)
Richard Pacheco

With “Careful, He May Be Watching” Seka returned as a co-director, this time with Richard Pacheco. The result is an entertaining and heartwarming romantic comedy.. ..with porn.
Today’s direct-to-video-no-plot-gonzo porn has nothing on the movies produced during the 70’s and 80’s. Many of them were shot on 35mm film and shown on the big screen and featured not only a plot but also (gasp!) actors that actually could act. This movie, made during the tail-end of the golden age of porn, is a splendid example of the latter. Seka and Mike Horner are impressive in this movie and could probably have made the transfer to no-porn movies easily if they would have wanted to.
The plot mainly revolves around the relationship between Jane (Seka) and her pilot husband Bill (Mike Horner), and involves Janes secret life as porn star Molly Flame, as well as her hubby’s attempt to spice up their sex life by adding a second woman to the mix.
All in all it comes through as real feel-good movie spiced with some really funny moments (Bill’s plane hallucination stands out one of the movies funniest scenes) and whole lot of porn.
Highly recommended to adult film fans and romantic comedy lovers alike.

(Credited cast)
Seka … Molly Flame/Jane Smith
Mike Horner … Bill Smith
Kay Parker … Annie
Shanna McCullough … #1 Stewardess – Miss Cummings
Toni Brooks … #2 Stewardess
Misha Garr … Harry
Jon Martin … Stud
Bill Rubin … Harry’s Crew

Scene 1. Mike Horner, Seka
Scene 2. Jon Martin, Seka
Scene 3. Shanna McCullough, Toni Brooks
Scene 4. Shanna McCullough, Mike Horner
Scene 5. Kay Parker, Seka
Scene 6. Shanna McCullough, Mike Horner, Seka



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