Caught From Behind 5 (1986)

Also Known As
Afric anal
Caught from Behind V: Blondes and Blacks

Buffy Davis [Anal Facial DP IR]
Chanel Price [Anal IR]
Patti Petite [Anal DP IR]
Rachel Ryan (as Penny Morgan) [Anal Facial IR]
Tanya Foxx [Anal Facial]


Billy Dee
F.M. Bradley
Jonathon Younger
Robbie Dee

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Tanya Foxx, Billy Dee
Scene 2. Buffy Davis, Tanya Foxx
Scene 3. Buffy Davis, F.M. Bradley, Robbie Dee
Scene 4. Chanel Price, F.M. Bradley, Robbie Dee
Scene 5. Patti Petite, Billy Dee, Jonathon Younger
Scene 6. Buffy Davis, Billy Dee
Scene 7. Rachel Ryan, Jonathon Younger
Scene 8. Buffy Davis, Jonathon Younger

Language: English
*Poor video quality



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